• Topics:

    Innovative Chemical Education Delivery: Flipped Teaching

  • Host:

    University of Guyana; Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Location:

    Faculty of Natural Sciences Conference Room

  • Date:

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 10:30 to 11:00

Event Description

The complex and rapidly changing global workplace demands Chemistry graduates that are not only skilled in their discipline, but also competent problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and adaptive/reflective practitioners. These demands in turn create challenges for tertiary faculty who will need to evolve their classrooms and laboratories to not only deliver these competencies but to also engage and motivate students. New evidence-based teaching strategies are needed, and flipped teaching has recently received particular attention. This work presents a literature-based investigation into flipped teaching in the tertiary Chemistry classroom seeking to address, inter alia, the central questions of (i) whether flipped teaching offers better learning outcomes than traditional lecturing, and (ii) whether students were more engaged in the flipped learning environment than in traditional lectures. Flipped teaching yielded learning outcomes that are comparable or better than traditional lectures measured not only by standardized exam scores but also by upward shifts in grade bands and lower percentage of failures and withdrawals. While student engagement was not as rigorously measured, the findings suggest greater student engagement in the flipped learning environment. These positive findings are discussed against the backdrop of overcoming financial hurdles to take advantage of this potentially transformative teaching intervention.


Presented by

Dr. Dawn Fox BSc., ME., DipEd., GradCert., PhD.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

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