• Topics:

    Diversity and habitat affinities of butterfly families in Central Guyana, South America

  • Host:

    University of Guyana; Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Location:

    Faculty of Natural Sciences Conference Room

  • Date:

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 10:00 to 10:30

Event Description

The aim of this research was to document butterfly diversity, assemblage structure and biogeographic distribution in the Iwokrama Forest Reserve and North Rupununi District, Guyana. It was found that butterfly family counts were influenced by the size of the natural butterfly populations (F 5, 25 = 27.31, p < 0.001) and not habitat (F10, 25 =1.28, p = 0.292) with Nymphalid being the most abundant family (Log mean = 0.934) and Papilionidae (Log mean = 0.092) the least. However, specific families showed preferences for various habitat types such that the Riodinidae were mostly found in forests, Pieridae in ecotones, and Hesperiidae in savannas. Overall, forest habitats had the highest diversity (H/= 1.30) and second highest density of butterflies (15.86 per 100m), the ecotone had the second highest diversity (H/= 0.12) and highest density (18.58 per 100m), while the savanna had the lowest diversity a (H/= 0.10) and density (14.36 per 100m).

Presented by

Dr. Gyanpriya Maharaj BSc., MSc., PhD.

Lecturer I, Department of Biology

Director, Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity


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