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Department of Biology

Explore the study of life and living organisms.

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Department of Computer Science

Explore the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering for the design and use of computers.

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Department of Chemistry

Explore the study of the structure, properties, composition, mechanisms, and reactions of organic compounds.

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Department of Math, Physics & Stats

Explore the study of numbers, computation & matter.

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About Our Faculty

Being a student in the Faculty of Natural Sciences can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The Faculty has evolved and changed over the years with more students enrolling at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Programmes continue to evolve to meet the needs of students. You are added to thousands of brilliant persons who are and have been student members of the Faculty over the decades.

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Doctorate Research Programme in Biodiversity

The diversity of life from genes to species, ecosystems, landscapes, the ecological functioning, the ecosystem services to humans, the threats and the possibilities to protect, rehabilitate or restore..

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Image of Guyana Map to represent the Biodiversity of Guyana

PhD in Biodiversity

Message from The Dean

Dr. Troy Thomas

We are committed to supporting and enhancing the student academic experience through the use of a variety of teaching and learning tools.

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Why Faculty of Natural Sciences?


We are dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality teaching and research in natural sciences.

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