Department of Computer Science - Research Agenda

Here at the Department of Computer Science (CS) we offer a diverse range of programmes which is reflected in the research interests of the lecturers within the department. This research agenda is developed with the aim of presenting the CS department as a holistic, integrated research subsection within the faculty of natural sciences. Each member of the department is an expert in their specific research area and knowledgeable of the gaps which need to be addressed in that domain. Despite the variation of research interests, there are three priority research areas that are grouped into the following themes which reflect the broader focus of the department, these are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • E-Learning

The table below is a fine-grained breakdown of the research interests of each lecturer within the Department of CS.

Lecturers Primary Research Interests
Max Baird Parallel and Distributed Computing
Owen Grant

Distributed Computing, Microservices, Software Interoperability, Geographic Information Systems

Rayad Lackhan Machine Learning
Alicia Layne Health Information Systems, Design Science
Aurel Liddell E-Learning, Management of Information Systems
Juanelle Marks E-Learning Technologies, Data Mining and Visualization, CS ED
Girendra Persaud ICT, ICT4D, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, ICT Governance, Public Interest Technology
Vineeta Persaud Computer-Aided Education
Dave Sarran E-Learning (Programming), Internet Computing, Networking
Lenandlar Singh Learning Technologies (Mobile, Social, Internet, Desktop), Computer Science Education (Teaching & Learning Programming, Tools Development), Internet Security, HCI
Christopher Clarke Artificial Intelligence, Sentient Computing, Internet Computing, IoT, Algorithm Design and Analysis, UI/UX
Roland Daynauth Functional Programming, Parallel Computing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Science, Symbolic Computation and Computer Algebra
Penelope DeFreitas HCI, E-Learning, Software Engineering
Sandra Khan Information Security (Critical Infrastructure, Incident Detection and Response, Web Application Security, Policy), Internet Governance, Information Systems Management, Information Systems Solutions in Government.
Andreasa Morris-Martin AI, Agent Technology
Roger Nurse Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Simulation