Dean’s List 2021-2022
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Guyana

Department of Biology

1st Year ASc Biology

Sheneka Charles
Faith Elias
Devkumar Gangaram
Traquell Haley
Tamesh Mangal
Cherece Mc Kinnon
Joshua Melville
Narifa Mohamed
Aliyah Phillips
Mallika Raghubansi
Letitia Richards
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4th Year BSc Mathematics 
Shemuel Carmichael 
Deborah Tombran 
Joash Gobin 
Lorette Payne 
Delcine Wilson
Onika Bevny


2nd Year ASc Mathematics 
Diviena Singh 


1st Year ASc Chemistry&n...

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UG Adds Further Relief Measures for Students as Historic Opening Progresses.

Students will now pay GYD $12,500 in Facilities Fee instead of GYD $25,000 a semester for the current (first) semester of the Academic Year 2020-2021. This takes effect from mid-week next week and stays in place until further notice or action as approved by the University’s statutory bodies.

Students who had already paid the full Facilities Fee for the Academic Year 2019-2020 a...

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Visitors' Lodge, UWI, Mona Campus, Jamaica (27th-30th November 2018)

Representatives from the Computer Science Department: Alicia Layne, Juanelle Marks, Penelope DeFreitas, Lenandlar Singh


Remarks: The conference brought to the forefront the vision the CAS has for research in the Caribbean and presented itself as a mechanism through which we can align our efforts as a regional community. It provided a great deal of context and perspecti...

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Rovindra graduated with his BSc. In Biology (distinction) at the University of Guyana 52nd Convocation ceremony. He was also the receipt of this year’s UGSS award. His undergraduate research focused on climate change impacts on farmers and their adaptive strategies. He worked as a resea...

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