Visitors' Lodge, UWI, Mona Campus, Jamaica (27th-30th November 2018)

Representatives from the Computer Science Department: Alicia Layne, Juanelle Marks, Penelope DeFreitas, Lenandlar Singh


Remarks: The conference brought to the forefront the vision the CAS has for research in the Caribbean and presented itself as a mechanism through which we can align our efforts as a regional community. It provided a great deal of context and perspecti...

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Rovindra graduated with his BSc. In Biology (distinction) at the University of Guyana 52nd Convocation ceremony. He was also the receipt of this year’s UGSS award. His undergraduate research focused on climate change impacts on farmers and their adaptive strategies. He worked as a resea...

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Devta Ramroop is a final year Biology major with a passion for teaching and a proud member of the Biology Club. Her mission is make a positive impact on every life she encounters by inspiring , motivating and building self worth. As President of UGSS, she promises  to always act in the best interest of her constituents. She urges youths to become involved in extra curriculars simply because everyone can be intelligent and have 4.0 GPAs but what else do you have to offer? "The mor...

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Experience as a Student 

Initially, transitioning from my Alma mater, Queen's College - with a strong foundation in business studies into the University of Guyana's Computer Science Program seemed like a fiasco for quite a number of people at the time. But it was a mystery and I wanted to know why so many women didn't pursue the field. On the flip side, I liked mysteries and I was stubborn so I was steadfast on my decisio...

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Experience as a student

The value of experience depends on how you use it towards your future goals. The University of Guyana not only encouraged me to be academically strong but also made be a better person. An experience that will always be cherished is the support offered by the lecturers within the Department of Computer Science. They go the extra mile to assist ...

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