Dr. Gyanpriya Maharaj
BSc.,MSc., PhD.
Director, CSBD and Lecturer II
Department of Biology

Office Number

Dr. Gyanpriya Maharaj, Director, Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Turkeyen Campus, University of Guyana

Gyanpriya Maharaj, is an entomologist and a behavioral ecologist. She graduated from the University of Guyana, with her BSc in Biology, the University of Warwick, with her MSc in Plant and Environmental Sciences and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, with her PhD in Biology. Her research includes work with terrestrial and aquatic insects but heavily focuses on neo-tropical butterflies where she has investigated diversity, behavior, genetics, physiology and ecology of many local species. Some of her most recent publications include foraging behaviors of passionflower butterflies at Sweet Sage and the influence of preexisting biases on foraging in bumblebees.