Ms. Kimberly Craig
BSc., MSc.

About the Lecturer I

Kimberly Craig has been a part of the Biology Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences for approximately five (5) years. Prior to her attachment at the University, she was employed at the Environmental Protection Agency as an Environmental Officer where she worked in the Agriculture and Fisheries department, and was responsible for the monitoring and authorisation of businesses in the agricultural and fisheries sector. Additionally, she was responsible for the investigation of environmental complaints and the resolution of same. Thereafter, she joined the team at the Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project where she served as the Monitoring Officer for one (1) year and supervised, along with monitored, the planting activities of over twenty two thousand (22,000) black mangrove seedlings. Since 2013, Miss Craig has been involved in lecturing at the University of Guyana in the courses of Introductory Biology, Cryptogamic and Phanerogamic Botany, Economic Botany, Taxonomy and Systematics, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, and Plant Physiology.

She has supervised over ten (10) Undergraduate Research Projects including ‘The effects of a local aphrodisiac (Granny Backbone) on organ size and various blood lipid components of Mesocricetus auratus (hamsters)’, ‘Fungal Analysis of Commercial and Tap Water in selected villages of Region 4, Guyana’, ‘An investigation of the effectiveness of microbial loads during processing of chowmein at the Beharry Plant’. Generally, her thematic areas of research focus mainly on Microbiology, Plant Botany, Environmental Resource Management and Ethnomedicine. Her own undergraduate research was presented at the Caribbean Academy of Sciences Conference in 2011 and later that year published in the International Botanical Conference’s Book of Abstracts 2011. It was the first time after 40 years that an abstract from the University of Guyana ad been accepted and published. Miss Craig has a keen interest in the Ecology of Mangroves and this led to work on her Master’s being done in this area. Her research investigated the foliar fungal pathogens affecting mangroves at Hope, East Coast Demerara, with salinity and seasonality as determining factors. This research is currently being reviewed for publication. Currently, she serves at the representative for the Faculty of Natural Sciences on the Board for the Institute for Distance and Continued Education. She intends to further diversify her research in mangroves in the upcoming future.

When not busy with the University, Miss Craig enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

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