Ms. Medeba Uzzi

Lecturer II, Assistant Dean- Administration

Dr. Dawn Fox

Head of Chemistry Department, Senior Lecturer

Mr. Gary Mendonca

Lecturer II

Mr. Gregory Blyden

Lecturer II

Mr. Basil Dey


Ms. Narissa Brehaspast

ClerkTypist II

Mr. Wazir Rahamat

Laboratory Technician II

Ms. Linda Rahamat

Laboratory Technician III

Ms. Chrisandrea Fernandes

Laboratory Technician III

Ms. Malinda Ridley

Laboratory Technician III

Ms. Kezia Bess

Lecturer I

Mr. Raphael Singh

Lecturer II

Mr. Kumar Latchman

Instrument Technologist

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Faculty of Natural Sciences

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    (592)-222-5444 ext 4496 - Math, Phy & Stats Dept.
    (592)-222-5444 ext 4494 - Biology Dept.
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