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The Department of Biology at the University of Guyana is positioned on the proverbial “growing edge” as the global thrust of conservation and preservation of food supplies intensifies. The Department of sixteen full-time academics is charged with the herculean task of studying biological systems in a “near pristine but also vulnerable biosphere” while simultaneously monitoring  the sustainability of the delicate balance that still exists in the conservation-exploitation continuum of vast areas within Guyana.

Over ninety-four percent of the academic staff possess advanced degrees, and six of our lecturers are currently enrolled in doctoral programmes in Australia, China, Guyana, the United Kingdom and the USA. The academic faculty is complemented by three laboratory technicians and a Secretary.

Students in the Department of Biology have the option of participating in the Botany Club, Tokoye Club, Trustees of Nature Club, and the Journal Club. Additionally, they are involved in several field trips to local geographical regions of interest where they conduct ecological studies, observing the intricacies of the complex inter-relationships between native fauna and flora. Data collected from the students’ fieldwork have been useful in instructing project baseline studies of Guyana’s rich diversity. The field trips have also served to equip students with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions in matters of general Biology, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management in the government and business sectors, and in academia.