Mr. Max Baird

Head of Computer Sciences Department, Lecturer I

Mr. Christopher Clarke

Instructor (On Leave)

Mr. Roland Daynauth

Lecturer I, (On Leave)

Mr. Roger Nurse

Part Time Lecturer

Mrs. Andreasa Morris-Martin

Lecturer I (On Leave)

Ms. Tessa Oudkerk

Part Time Lecturer

Ms. Sandra Khan

Lecturer I

Ms. Alicia Layne


Mr. Sese Jones

Part Time Lecturer

Ms. Kerrie Hooper


Ms. Muriana Mc Pherson

Part time Lecturer

Mr. Rayad Lackhan


Mr. Owen Grant


Mr. Devon Wintz

Part time Tutor

Mr. Michael Tang

Part time Lecturer

Mr. Adrial Ragubir

Computer/Network Technician

Mr. Bernard Persaud

Computer/Network Technician

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