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Mr. Arturo Montes DeOca Baltazares
Lecturer I (On Leave)
Department of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics


I was born in Mexico City on July 27, 1969. Mathematics has represented for me a very attractive challenge and a wonderful world.


Study the degree in Mathematics in the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Currently, I am studying the master degree in Mathematics, focused on Geometry and Topology


Thanks to my great passion for Mathematics, I enjoy teaching Maths a lot because I talk about something I like with people who also like math.


I'm interested in the following areas. Algebra, Apply Mathematics, Algebraic Topology, Dynamical Systems, Matrix Analysis, Number Theory, Topology


I am a member of the Mexican Mathematics Society.

I have taught courses and seminars in Mexico (Mexico City, Toluca State of Mexico Monterrey Nuevo Leon), EU (Whasington), Tobago, and Guyana.


During my years of service at the University of Guyana, I have taught the following courses. Analytical Geometry, Linear & Modern Algebra,

Groups Rings and Fields,Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Mathematical Methods, Analysis II (Complex Analysis), Calculus I, Topology, Fundamental Mathematics I, II.


Proyectos: Fractal Analysis for whole-numbers Sequences,The mathematics and music of the Rubick Cube.