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Mr. Calvin Bernard
BSc (UG)
Senior Lecturer
Department of Biology

Office Number

Born in the capital of Guyana, Georgetown, August 1977 I am the youngest of three boys who grew up with a single parent mother on the East Coast of Demerara. My love for travelling, adventure and nature led me to begin travelling away from home since age 14 while in mid high school.

My high school education was split between Central High and St Joseph High Schools. I graduated in 1998 with a BSc in Biology with distinction from the University of Guyana. And I was awarded an MSc in Development Management from the Open University, UK, in 2005.

At the University of Guyana I have taught in introductory biology, vertebrate zoology and resource management in the Department of Biology. I have also served as de facto Manager of the Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity. I have been an appointed member of the Guyana Wildlife Scientific Authority since 2005, and the National Biodiversity Advisory Committee – Applications Sub-Committee betwen 2003-2012. I have been recently appointed to the boards of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture and the Transparency Institute Guyana.

My research experience has been in general studies of flora and fauna, assessment of the environmental impacts of development activities and planning for biodiversity conservation and natural resources management. I have also been involved in conservation planning at the Guiana Shield Regional level.

I am now preparing for PhD work in religion, science and nature and I am particularly interested in understanding how religious organization can influence a positive (tending to ecocentricity) environmental ethic in the Guyanese population.

On a different note, I am married to a beautiful woman and have three fantastic children.