Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity (CSBD), University of Guyana (UG), in collaboration with the University of Florida (UF) and WWF-Guianas through support from a NORAD grant is currently engaged in a project entitled ‘Achieving a Green State: Building human capacity for natural resource management in Guyana’. These institutions are working together to strengthen technical capacity within Guyana to achieve sustainable forest management associated with Guyana’s Green Development Strategy and REDD+ policies to mitigate climate change. Capacity building is facilitated for students and faculty at the UG and natural resource management personnel through training courses and research grants.

So far under this grant the CSBD has issued eight (8) research grant awards:

  1. Tree crown responses to forest canopy gaps
  2. Impacts of mangrove degradation on fish assemblages along Guyana’s coastal regions Spatial patterns of urban tree cover and diversity in Georgetown, Guyana
  3. Impacts of Water Quality on Fish Diversity, Richness and Abundance at Kaieteur National Park
  4. The density and species diversity of earthworms within Guyana and the factors affecting it
  5. Climate Change impacts and adaptive strategies of farmers along the Essequibo Coast, Guyana
  6. Incidental capture of sea turtles by fishing gears in Guyana
  7. Comparing the perceptions towards Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger) behavior in Crash Water, Rewa and Apoteri