Experience as a Student 

Initially, transitioning from my Alma mater, Queen's College - with a strong foundation in business studies into the University of Guyana's Computer Science Program seemed like a fiasco for quite a number of people at the time. But it was a mystery and I wanted to know why so many women didn't pursue the field. On the flip side, I liked mysteries and I was stubborn so I was steadfast on my decision. As of today, stepping out of my comfort zone with my curiosity has led me along a career path that is only filled with advancements, excitement and creativity - both in the technological sector and my personal livelihood. 

Throughout my university life, I constantly reminded myself of what work-life balance meant to me and I found time for myself in the midst of all the deadlines and wildly, uncanny submission dates. I'd like to extend many thanks to the great support system that stood by my side throughout my journey, both from within the Computer Science Department and Guyana's local tech engine, IntellectStorm.


My advice to all students would be to make the most of your university experience - find your passion/s, experience the university culture and grow your network. Work smart and have fun through the journey. Don't let your grades define you.