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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology and Alternative BSc (Biology with (a) Environmental Biology Option, and (b) Agricultural Biology Option)


The BSc Biology offers a well-rounded educational experience, superior to that of an Associate degree in the discipline, and is equivalent to BSc Biology degrees offered by many other internationally recognized academic institutions.  The degree offers opportunities for personal and career development, and provides advanced exposure to the principles and practices in biology and the biological environment.   The degree is awarded upon completion of a course of study lasting four (4) years (fulltime study), or two (2) years for persons holding the ASc Biology from a recognized institution. The degree is weighted at a minimum of 120 credits and segues to advanced degrees (such as a Master's or Doctoral degrees) offering specialized areas, such as science, marketing, education or engineering.

The University of Guyana’s strategic goal to achieve higher quality teaching and learning aligned with expanded national needs especially in science and technology is reflected in the BSc Biology degree.  The BSc is typically viewed as a period of instruction and learning prior to entering a career in a chosen field and the job market which includes focused career education as well as options that permit customized course selections. The BSc Biology and the two Options are designed not only to meet the demand for senior technical, educational and academic professionals, but also facilitate transition to specialized, higher degrees.