Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Systems

The BSc in Information Systems offers a more rounded educational experience than an Associate degree in related disciplines, and is equivalent to BSc in Information Systems degrees offered by many other internationally recognized academic institutions. This degree is crafted using the 2010 guidelines for Information Systems curriculum provided by the ACM. The BSc offers academic and practical study in a range of contemporary areas in Information Systems. Students are exposed to the socio-technical and human elements of information systems and issues associated with such systems. In addition, the BSc exposes students to the ethical and social issues with information technology. The BSc in Information System offers students with unique opportunities to explore the design and development of information systems to solve problems in the developing world context. One critical aspect of the BSc in Information Systems is the opportunity it provides to students to develop an understanding of the management elements of Information Systems development.

The capstone course exposes students to the applied research elements of information technology and allows for the development of information systems that accounts for all of its core elements. This offers students a more holistic view of the application and use of technologies in organizations.