Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science

The BSc in Computer Science offers a more rounded educational experience than an Associate degree in the discipline, and is equivalent to BSc in Computer Science degrees offered by many other internationally recognized academic institutions. The BSc in Computer Science is crafted using the 2013 guidelines for Computer Science curriculum provided by the ACM. The BSc offers academic and practical study in a range of contemporary computing disciplines. In addition, the BSc exposes students to the ethical and social issues in computing. The BSc also allows students to develop particular areas of interest through the selection of specialised courses. This offers students an early career development path.

The capstone course exposes students to the research elements of computer science and facilitates the development of scientific thinking in the field. This serves as an early preparation of students who would matriculate to post graduate studies in the field. The experiences from the capstone project helps to further develop students’ problem solving capacities and for the world of work.